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Committed to corporate social responsibility

2020 has been a year unlike any other. In the face of incredible challenges, CVS Health emerged a stronger, more resilient company, better positioned to meet the health care needs of our customers. Throughout the challenges we have faced, we have demonstrated the deep impact we can have on people’s health care journeys as a combined enterprise. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is integral to how CVS Health delivers on our purpose. Centered on the four priority areas below, Transform Health 2030 is our vision for how we can build a better, healthier world. We’ve developed big, bold goals that will help us deliver on this strategy. We continue to advance our commitments to build healthier communities and support their economic health, mitigate our environmental impacts, and foster the growth and development of our colleagues.

Healthy People

We’re delivering on our purpose of helping people on their path to better health across all touch points. To truly improve health outcomes, we need to be innovative and connect with people where they are – online, in their homes, at work, and in their neighborhoods and communities.

Healthy Business

We are committed to fostering a business that creates value for our colleagues, stockholders, partners, and supply chains. Our role as one of the nation’s largest employers – and a leader among the Fortune 500 – provides us with an exceptional opportunity to drive economic growth through job creation and across our supply chain. We are committed to operating a healthy business for all our stakeholders.

Healthy Community

We are delivering significant social impacts to support the health of communities across the United States and improve health outcomes in the communities we serve. By working with other organizations and through innovative programs that can be executed in a variety of communities, we are driving positive health outcomes and reducing overall costs.

Healthy Planet

The health of our environment is inextricably linked to human health, and we are committed to doing our part as a health care leader. We believe we have a responsibility as a leader in health care to help transform the health of our planet, just as we help people on their path to better health.

10 million+

COVID-19 tests


testing locations

Bringing testing to local communities

The world changed in 2020. At CVS Health, we met these changes with accelerated innovation to better serve our customers, patients, and partners. By the end of the year, we had administered over 10 million COVID-19 tests at more than 4,000 CVS Pharmacy locations, and in collaboration with community health organizations, employers, and long-term care facilities. We also made rapid-result testing available through Return Ready, CVS Health’s comprehensive COVID-19 testing solution for employers and universities. By the end of 2020, Return Ready had administered more than 265,000 tests across 113 unique testing locations. In October, we announced plans to hire 15,000 new colleagues to bolster our COVID-19 response, with more than 10,000 of these new roles for licensed pharmacy technicians at CVS Pharmacy locations.

Advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice

CVS Health saw tragic injustices unfold in our communities in 2020 due to systemic racism. Building on our best-in-class diversity management strategy, we renewed our focus on advancing social justice and health equity and announced significant new commitments – to our colleagues, our customers, and our communities. Over the next five years, we are investing nearly $600 million to advance employee, community, and public policy initiatives that address the inequity faced by Black people and other marginalized communities. For example, the CVS Health Foundation established a five-year, $5 million scholarship program for Black and Latinx students in collaboration with the UNCF (formerly known as the United Negro College Fund).

Supporting community health

In 2020, we prioritized supporting those most significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. By building on longstanding relationships with trusted local organizations, we delivered resources – including critical access to diagnostic testing – to the most at-risk populations. We also supported continuation of care to manage chronic conditions and provided access to healthy food. Working with national and local organizations, we improved access to housing, food security, and education as well. Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, we also maintained our commitment to help deliver the nation’s first tobacco-free generation and contributed to a 36 percent decline in new youth smokers since 2016.

Reducing our impacts

The Carbon Disclosure Project recently named CVS Health to its A-list for climate change. We believe that the health of our planet is inextricably linked to the health of all people, and there continues to be a strain on our ecosystem and natural resources. As a leading health care company, we know that mitigating our impact on the environment can help us to be part of the solution – in combating climate change, achieving cleaner air and water, and preserving a healthier and more equitable environment for future generations.

Investing in a tobacco-free generation

15 million+

youth reached through education, awareness advocacy, and healthy behavior programming


decline in new youth

$55 million

invested from 2016 through 2021 to help people lead tobacco-free lives

Focused on a future of equity

Nearly $600 million

earmarked over next five years to address racial inequity, including $5 million scholarship program for Black and Latinx students

Caring for our colleagues


colleagues received dependent care assistance

$2.5 million+

in grants provided to colleagues by Employee Relief Fund