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Digital Services

Enhancing the consumer experience

Today’s savvy health care consumers demand more flexibility in their interactions with providers. Virtual care can offer a convenient and lower-cost alternative and direct consumers to in-person visits when appropriate.

  • In the midst of a pandemic, the ability to access care from the safety of one’s home has never been more important. MinuteClinic has been providing a direct-to-consumer telehealth solution since 2018, and today provides comprehensive virtual care in 46 states plus the District of Columbia. That includes diagnosis and treatment of common injuries, behavioral health services and the management of chronic conditions.
  • In 2021, Aetna launched our virtual-first primary care program. Participating members can engage with providers online first and are then directed to lower-cost, high-quality sites of care or other effective in-network care settings as needed.
  • Our Caremark Pharmacy members can interact with us on their own terms, with more than 80 percent of our Specialty Pharmacy members opting into our digital programs. Furthermore, our members can pick up medications locally or have them delivered directly to their homes.

Significant rise in virtual care utilization

Consumer preferences are increasingly turning towards solutions characterized by greater convenience, simplicity, personalization, and on-demand access

MinuteClinic provides comprehensive virtual care in 46 states and D.C.

Aetna launched virtual-first primary care program

Consumer surveys show >50% of respondents are open to using virtual care after the pandemic ends

Using technology to improve health care

Our digital capabilities enhance our understanding of patient needs and help us reach them more effectively. Interventions come in many forms, from virtual care and improved communications to the technology that helps us identify the key next step patients need to take in their health care journey.


E-Clinic virtual care

As the nation continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, our MinuteClinic retail clinics have expanded telehealth options to help patients access safe, affordable and convenient non-emergency care. Patients are now able to schedule a virtual E-Clinic visit with a local MinuteClinic nurse practitioner who can evaluate, diagnose and treat common injuries, illnesses, and skin conditions. Importantly, E-Clinic visits can also be used to help manage chronic conditions. Patients connect virtually with a local MinuteClinic provider via Webex video conferencing on their personal mobile device or computer between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., seven days a week. This new option is available in Washington, D.C., and the 33 states where MinuteClinic currently operates, and it accepts most health insurance plans. No payment is collected at the time of service. Instead, patients are billed for any amount due only after their insurance company has processed the claim.


Digital tools to help make health easier

Today’s patients and consumers are expected to take more responsibility for managing their health care needs. That’s why we continue to improve their experience by enhancing CVS Health’s collection of digital tools. For example, our Pharmacist Panels provide a holistic, 360-degree view of a patient by combining pharmacy and medical data to provide counseling, guidance, and support for high risk members. This can lead to optimized medication regimens and other health benefits. For COVID-19 testing, we delivered an end-to-end digital experience that has made it easy for patients to schedule appointments online and complete all of their administrative requirements prior to arrival. Moreover, our collection of apps improves the experience for Aetna and Caremark plan members and for CVS Pharmacy and Specialty customers. Our Aetna Health app makes it a snap to manage benefits. That includes finding doctors, comparing costs, viewing claims and tracking spending. Caremark plan members can use their app to find out how much a prescription will cost and check for lower-cost alternatives. The CVS Pharmacy app provides a broad range of services, including the ability to schedule an in-person or virtual MinuteClinic visit, learn the latest about COVID-19 vaccine eligibility, refill prescriptions, and identify potential drug interactions.

CVS Pharmacy app

Consumers can access mobile payment, ExtraCare offers, prescription information, and refill/pickup options.

Specialty app

Patients benefit from digital innovations that make it easier to manage prescriptions for the treatment of rare and complex conditions.

Caremark app

Our digital solutions help over 100 million plan members manage their pharmacy benefits through mail delivery or in-store service.


increase in downloads of our CVS Pharmacy app


of members who have been reached through our Pharmacist Panels accepted their recommendation


increase in downloads of our CVS Pharmacy app


of members who have been reached through our Pharmacist Panels accepted their recommendation

Aetna virtual-first primary care

CVS Health is developing health care solutions that complement the traditional health care system to improve access and lower costs. Our overall strategy for MinuteClinic is virtual care married to local care and we believe we can offer an unmatched set of solutions. In Texas, Aetna has taken our virtual care strategy to the next level in a pilot program recently launched for a large national account. Virtual-first primary care makes an online visit to a provider in Aetna’s network the first step for covered members. If an in-person visit is still needed, the provider refers the patient to MinuteClinic, an in-network physician or another low-cost site of care. Aetna expects to expand this offering to additional customers in 2022.